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Your Rocky Mountain lodge hosts are Gina and D’Arcy Marcell, recent transplants from the Pacific Northwest.

Offering Colorado mountain lodging comes naturally to Gina through her background in hospitality and 20 years in customer service for the Airline and Travel Industry. Gina is a true entrepreneur who enjoys people. She owned her own businesses while raising three sons. She enjoys cooking, entertaining, and sharing her knowledge of animals, especially of goats. Gina became a passionate lover of goats after adopting some orphaned baby goats. That experience grew into a hobby of rescuing unwanted goats, rehabilitating, and then re-homing them as pets. Gina has mentored teens in all aspects of goat husbandry and will continue to educate others to the benefits of goat ownership. Gina enjoys making goat cheese and uses fresh goat milk, goat cheese, and fresh eggs in the wonderful meals and snacks she serves to guests.


D'Arcy is the “techie” at this Colorado mountain getaway.  While he works in the marine industry and spends equal time at sea and at home, D’Arcy is an invaluable resource for all things technical and computer-driven. His talents help keep the wireless Internet systems and the upgraded entertainment in each guest room running smoothly. D’Arcy is also a talented handyman who can fix “almost anything” and enjoys carpentry. D’Arcy has traveled extensively in his career and looks forward to exploring Salida while he is home and off duty.

The Marcells have a small herd of dairy goats and share their love of these entertaining creatures with B&B guests and the community at large. After realizing that the wet climate in the Pacific Northwest was not conducive to healthy goats, the Marcells began to look for a dry climate where they could own an Inn and also where their goats would thrive.  The Mountain Goat Lodge was the perfect solution! Additionally, the Marcells brought their flock of special Americauna laying hens from the Northwest. These special hens lay a light green egg.

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