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Have you ever wondered what it might be like to have your very own goat or a small herd? Take full advantage of our years of experience in raising and rescuing goats in Colorado and Washington by attending one of our classes on raising goats and goat husbandry.

We offer a variety of unique weekend experiences for our guests, in fact we are pretty close to being an Agrotourism property right here in Colorado. Gina is shepherdess to her resident herd of 16 goats and kids ... wandering freely, each anxious to introduce themselves and have you know their names.

You can learn more about our goats, their behaviors and personalities by registering for our class on Goat Husbandry before you arrive - see the details below.

If this does not work for your plans, please contact us to discuss customization.


Goat Husbandry Class
This class will prepare you for goat ownership.

Topics include:
» A brief history of the goat
» Goat breeds and characteristics
» Pros and cons of goat ownership
» Housing
» How to make a simple tarp shelter
» The best fencing
» What to look for in a healthy goat, and a sick one
» Vaccines
» Wormers
» Milking
» Breeding information
» The best feed and management practices

You will get to bottle-feed kids (this is seasonal).  Most of all, you will learn enjoyment of these fascinating and entertaining creatures! $95.00 per person

Once you are here, be sure to ask Gina about the milking schedule and offer to lend her a helping hand! While you are mastering the art of milking, she can visit with you about raising backyard chickens and how you might have your very own egg-laying flock of hens!

There are more nearby outfitters who provide options for an ecotourism vacation.


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